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On this page you will read the 20 Vital Questions to ask any Real Estate Agent You  prosper with Kathy because of her desire to serve, she has the tools to perform and the confidence to succeed!BEFORE putting your home on the market!

(See the Questions with the Answers - Below)

WARNING: This information below is Not intended to solicit your listing i fyou are currently for sale.  It shares with you some vital information and questions to ask that is based upon my observations and my years of experience, so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

My job is to provide you with all the information you will need to make the best decision for you and your family.  To receive Kathy's monthly newsletter, just E-mail her.

In Etobicoke and TORONTO (GTA), you must qualify your Real Estate Agent!  These vital questions below must be asked to any agent you may be thinking of dealing with.  They are designed to give you the information and insight before you make this major decision.   The "correct answers" will tell you if the agent you are interviewing has the knowledge, the experience, a comprehensive marketing program and the GUARANTEES you need to get your home sold in today's market!

  1. Am I locked into this listing with you with no way out?

    Answer: Kathy will provide you with a written guarantee allowing you to cancel the listing agreement at any time if you are dissatisfied with any of her services? You're in total control.

  2. Do you have a marketing plan designed to get my home sold?

    Answer: Kathy has a 16 point MARKETING PLAN that effectively gets more than 99% of his clients homes successfully SOLD!

  3. Will you provide me with a personal comparable market analysis (CMA) and not just computer printouts?

    Kathy will normally give you a personal market analysis that adjusts for all the physical and size differences between comparable sold and actives, showing you average and median prices with a written recommended sale price?

  4. May I see your personal brochure or resume?

    Kathy has a personal brochure that shows you her long term commitment to serving your needs.

  5. What other type of guarantees do you offer?

    Kathy will provide you with six other service guarantees that shows her confidence in her service and commitment to you.

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  6. What type of brochure will you create on my home? Show me one of yours.

    Kathy will produce an outstanding quality brochure pointing out all the key features of your home and area amenities.

  7. What is your guarantee that you will return my calls within 60 minutes?

    Kathy will return all your calls within 60 minutes, if not she will reduce the commission $100 for every occurrence!

  8. Are you thorough & complete when you load my listing on the MLS? Prove it.

    Kathy takes great care when entering information on your MLS listing. Why? We are marketing to 23,000 Agents!

  9. How familiar are you with my area and my neighbourhood?

    Kathy is very familiar with Central Etobicoke, The Kingsway, Sunny Lea, North Drive, Valecrest, Thorncrest Village, Humber Valley Village, Lincoln Woods, Edgehill Park, Princess Ann Manor and Princess Gardens where more than 80% of her eighteen (+) years in the real estate business have been focused.

  10. What systems do you have in place that will keep in constant contact with me during the listing and the transaction?

    Kathy has a Vendor tracking computer program that ensures regular phone calls and up dates to you during the listing.

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  11. How do you promote my listing to the Agents in Etobicoke?

    Kathy has more than 100 other top agents entered into her computer database and sends them highlights, features and promotional information on your home to increase the number of showings and get your home sold.

  12. Can you produce a list of 10 references of past clients who have known you at least 5 years?

    Can I call them or email them right now?

    Kathy will provide you with this list and even more people to contact.

  13. Do you follow up on showings of my home and report the comments back to me?

    Kathy contacts agents that show your home for feedback and she will report her findings back to you.  This is a most important activity, since these agents are showing your home to the most interested, qualified and motivated buyers.

  14. How familiar are you with the homes currently for sale & recently sold in my neighbourhood?

    Kathy personally attends open houses in and around your area to keep herself current with all new listings and sales.

  15. Will you call me to discuss the past weeks activity and the plans for next week? When?

    Kathy will contact you at least once per week to discuss the results of her marketing, results of past marketing, agent and public open houses on your home, advertising, and any future promotional ideas to get your home sold.

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  16. Are you personally automated with personal computers, fax machine, mobile phone, pagers, etc.?

    Kathy has all of the above plus a second personal computer and home office to serve you better.

  17. How many full time Agents do you have within your office to assist you in selling my home?

    Kathy's office and the two other Etobicoke offices have over 250 agents to network with and promote your home.  RE/MAX has over 350 agents and sells over 45% of all homes in Etobicoke.  The next closest company has only 7% market share.

    Our Etobicoke market share far exceeds that of our closest competitors, such as:

    • Royal Lepage Real Estate Services Ltd.
    • Sutton Group
    • Century 21
    • Prudential Real Estate
    • Coldwell Banker
    • Equisave Realty
    • Min Com
    • Home@Ease Realty
    • Others and Independents
    See RE/MAX market share in Etobicoke
      Why put yourself at a disadvantage in the beginning?

  18. May I see a copy of your business mission statement?

    Kathy's mission statement is:
    "When you are buying or selling, my job as a professional real estate agent is to help you find a home that is comfortable, safe and within your family budget.  To do that, I must give you all the information you need so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.
    My desire to serve you, having all the tools to perform and my confidence to succeed will get you maximum results in today's real estate market.
    You will always find me professional, reliable and enthusiastic!"

  19. What can you suggest I do to help you sell my home?

    Kathy has 79 written ideas and suggestions that she will give to you to improve your sale price by $1000 to $5000!

  20. Could you give me 7 reasons why I should list with you rather than the other Agent who is calling me?

    Kathy gives you seven written guarantees. You can be confident that by choosing to work with Kathy, you have made the right decision, if not you can cancel at any time! Do you know any other agents who gives you this guarantee?

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Make sure Kathy Gordon is one of the Agents' you interview and start packing!

This material is copyright © Kathy Gordon, Real Estate Representative

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