Unzippering the two economies is not going to be an easy feat. Initially the economists seem to all agree that mortgage rate will stay the same or go even lower due to the uncertainty. And Canada falls right in that pile with everyone else. 


Possible impact of Brexit on mortgage rates?

This recent article, the Washington Post explains how they feel the American economy will be affected.:

“Brexit has spawned the recent bout of volatility in global financial markets. That has anxious investors scurrying for safety -- and few assets are safer than U.S. Treasuries. High demand for government debt pulls down interest rates.

That all translates into ultra-low mortgage rates for American households. And with Britain voting for Brexit, they…

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This is not a political decision we are asking for here.

#wegetyoumoving and we would like to help you decide whether it is time for you to move or not.

Do we stay or do we go? When you first bought your home you may have thought this is a good start but someday you want your dream home. With today's hot Real Estate market in Etobicoke especially Central and South Etobicoke combined with low-interest rates and your equity built up in your first home there are a lot of pluses to mull over. Will the market change? The government are concerned so interest rates may start to go up. But the rest of the country isn't seeing the type of numbers that Vancouver and Toronto are. Immigration looks to be continuing with no slow down in sight. And that is…

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What is a home evaluation?

A value based upon data provided about your home.

Are They Free?  

Yes and you will find that many Real Estate agents as well as Real Estate websites will provide them in exchange for information

 Who does them? 

Software with Real Estate data and Real estate Agents, representatives are the most common providers.

Are They accurate?

Depends, Read on...

How do they work?  Click this link and we will show you.

A little knowlege can be a scary speculative thing. Free evaluations are everywhere and whether its your desktop or your phone they are easy to get. It can be quick and/or just a way to get your level of interest. But what are they based on. You need to know what those homes had that…

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The New Frontier of Home Renovation

Have you ever wondered what makes a person take on the enormous task of taking a dilapidated money pit of a home and envision a profit making project. Where design, know-how, and financing are all brought together. You think pioneers from the old fronteir had it hard! Wait till you start to throw in factors like time, government and suppliers and labourers. And after all this the marketing and sales anguish and pain heaped with criticism and afterthought.

It ain't easy.

But when you see the fruition of your time and labour from the enormity of your task it can be a invigorating or not and the time it zaps can be a great learning tool. You were living on the edge, you made the jump and now you wait . You wait to…

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