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Predictions based upon last 8 month statistics give you an idea of what listings and Sales will be like in the last quarter of 2021 for the community of Princess Rosethorn. 

As you can see October is predicting the number of listings to be 14 and sales around 8, the same as Novembers predicted sales. Novembers listings being 8 appears the same as Listings. This could say homes not sold in October may make this more possible. December predicts 10 listings and 7 sales. So inventory still being low and homes still selling at an alarming rate and close to asking /list price, the seller market continues. As a buyer the interest rates are low and with the Bank of Mom and Dad helping it still is a good time to buy. Inventory doesnt seem to be changing anytime…

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In a recent study sponsored by Toronto Life in 2014 Toronto's Best and (Worst) Places to Live  our city of Toronto was broken down into 6 categories. 

Housing, People, Crime, Money, Schools and Transit. This blog will feature where we as Etobians rank in the top percentages or numbers in all of the categories researched.

Housing points out that the fewest number of Condos are in the super suburban pocket of Princess Rosethorn. The most 3 bedroom homes,52% are in Eringate Centennial Park district in West Etobicoke.

Kingsway South has the most expensive Real Estate in the west end of the city(west of Yonge Street) at $1.4 million and climbing. The best housing stock (homes that do not require major repair) ranks Princess Rosethorn at 97.6%…

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