Etobicoke's Home Seller's Guide

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Read this guide on the home selling process in Etobicoke.

Guide for getting your home ready to show.

Setting the proper listing price.

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How we will help you sell your home 

1. Creating a Communication Plan: We will create a communication plan to keep their clients informed about the status of their property. This includes outlining the frequency, method, and purpose of communication.

2. Regular Check-ins: Regular check-ins with our clients are essential to maintain a positive relationship and to ensure they are up-to-date with any changes. We will discuss any feedback received and make any necessary adjustments.

3. Showing Feedback: We will share showing feedback with clients, such as what prospective buyers like and dislike about the property, as well as giving suggestions for improvements.

4. Open Houses: Agents should host open houses to give prospects an opportunity to view the property without making an appointment. We will  promote open houses through various channels, such as social media, online listings, email marketing, and flyers.

5. Agent Networking: We network with other agents in the area to generate interest in the property. By creating relationships with other agents and sharing information on the property, we can increase the chances of finding the right buyer.

6. Engaging Prospective Buyers: We have a strategy in place for engaging prospective buyers and encouraging them to schedule viewings. This may include creating a sense of urgency by emphasizing that the property may not be on the market for long or highlighting the unique features of the property.

7. Utilizing Technology:  We take advantage of technology to optimize the selling process. This includes utilizing social media platforms to promote the property, creating online listings, and investing in email marketing campaigns. We use virtual tours and 3D floor plans to provide prospective buyers with an immersive experience.

In conclusion, the key to selling a home is to create a comprehensive strategy that emphasizes communication with clients, networking with other agents, and utilizing technology to reach prospective buyers. By maintaining a positive relationship with clients and keeping them informed throughout the process, we will ensure a successful sale.

When we are hired to sell your home we feel follow up with you is what is most important to help you understand what is being done behind the scenes. We are promoting and tracking your homes activity and passing along this info to you. The following is a sample of our followup.
First of all we would like to thank you for this opportunity.
Here is what we have done so far to get your home sold.
A For Sale sign is posted. We have run three successful Open Houses 1 for Agents 2 for the Public. Of the 30 groups that visted 3 returned on Sunday for a second viewing. 
The listing MLS # and Open House are online with MLS and TREB the Toronto Real Estate Board.
We sent an email to the local agents prior to our Agents Open House  that features your home in an email flyer that they can send on to their clients.
An Email Blast of the Open House is also sent over 10000 client base.
The website and feature your homes listing with many photos and full details. Blogs for both sites are circulating.The Etobicoke Condo Blog  and Etobicoke homes Blog.
There is an Interactive Floorplan that has been created and listed on Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus.
The Youtube Video has been shared on Facebook,Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.
Colour Feature sheets with Floorplans are for the prospects who come to view your home.
Public Open House are online and posted on with dates and times.
Ads have been posted on our Facebook Business Page and our Twitter feed Etobicokehomes.
Agent showings and feedback are communicated to the client. 
 Viewings are reported on TREB Realtor link stats and a  number of showings  have marked your home in their Favourites folder.
All of the prospects who visited your Open House have received an email featuring your home so they remember which listing they saw of yours and can follow up with any questions they have.
you are notified immediately When agents have  booked home pre-inspections  prior to Offer night so their clients will be ready to proceed hopefully unconditionally on your home.

Of course along with this many texts, emails and phone calls from us and our ReMax office will inform you what is going on daily if need be.