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I don't live at the Watermark. I'd like to. There is an old-world charm to this mid-rise building. It offers an approachability that soaring condo towers don't. In keeping with the neighbourhood, Watermark offers residents and mere passers-by commerce, aesthetic and home. A key element to the "walkability" of a neighbourhood is bringing the building to the street. This allows for easier access, visual stimulation and simplicity. With this in mind Watermark (3563 Lake Shore Blvd W) is perfect for Long Branch Village. The main level is grounded by a TD Canada Trust, Starbucks and salon. Money, coffee and pretty nails. I know I don't need more. If I did I could find it with ease. Within a 5-10 minute walk of the building there is an LCBO, No Frills and many shops. But I digress.... I want to talk about my imaginary life in Suite 303.

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First things first I'd have a cat, at least one. Preferably adopted from the Etobicoke Humane Society. I may even have a dog (size is restricted so it would have to be small). There is a fenced in dog park just down the road at Marie Curtis Park so Fido and I would saunter down there for fresh air and socializing. This sauntering happens after morning coffee, of course. My coffee machine broke but that's ok because I can take the elevator (or stairs depending how ambitious I am in the early morning) down to the ground level and get a handcrafted latte from a perky barista who knows my name and still spells it wrong (they're forgiven because they handcrafted a latte for me). I'm caffeinated, Fido has relieved himself and I am ready to conquer the day. I work from home because everything I do can be done online. From my impeccably organized and aesthetically pleasing media centre I toil in the "salt-mines" putting in a days work with comfort in my own home.

I have a car, because lets face it, it's Etobicoke and I like door-to-door service. The thing about my car is I don't need it most of the time. It's parked, safe and sound in the underground parking garage and it's there when I want to visit friends across the GTA or take a trip to IKEA for a new bookshelf but living and working from home at the Watermark means I don't need my car most days. I'm having a dinner party and I need groceries so I pop down the street to the No Frills or if I can't find what I want there I get in my car for a relatively short drive to any number of grocery stores including Sobey's or Metro. I get back but I forgot to pick up wine. No problem, a short walk has me at the LCBO and soon that won't even be necessary. I'm putting together a DIY centre-piece for my table and all I need can be found at the Dollarama which luckily enough for me is right next door to No Frills.

My friends arrive and either they've travelled by car or streetcar. Those who've driven park on the street or in visitor parking. They're right on time. I just put the finishing touches on my table in the eat-in kitchen. Dinner is out of the oven and I'm ready to relax for the evening.

Some days I'm looking for entertainment. I can either take in a movie at the Cineplex a short drive away or hop on the street car and head downtown for a drink with friends at a jazz bar, a baseball game at the Dome or a night at the theatre on King St. As a foodie I've lucked out in Long Branch Village because not 5 minutes down the road in either direction I have so many options to choose from. I can please my palate with empanadas, burgers, Greek, burritos, fair trade coffee, cakes worthy of an art gallery, organic vegan/vegetarian or pastries that melt in my mouth. Friends recently did the unthinkable and moved away... to Hamilton. That is an easy fix because I can hop on the Go train and visit them as often as I want or vice versa. I grab a seat open up my kindle (or  paperback, whichever floats your boat) and take a journey into a literary realm while taking an actual journey into another realm; Hamilton (or Burlington, Oakville etc).