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Title: The Queensway: Redefined Borders and Thriving Development in Toronto's Up-and-Coming Neighborhood


The Queensway, a vibrant neighbourhood in Toronto, has experienced significant redistricting and development in recent years. With its proximity to popular landmarks such as Bloor Street, Islington Avenue, The Gardiner Expressway, and the Humber River, the area has become a highly sought-after location for both residents and businesses. In this article, we will explore the changes in the area's borders, the growth of condominium developments, and the impact on local businesses and restaurants. Additionally, we will highlight the convenience of living in The Queensway, its suburban appeal compared to downtown Toronto's urban landscape, and provide historical context for its transformation.

1. Redistricting and Border Changes:

The Queensway area has undergone a redistricting process, resulting in new and well-defined borders. With careful planning, the neighbourhood's boundaries have been refined to create a cohesive and thriving community. These changes have attracted investors and homebuyers seeking promising opportunities in this rapidly developing area.

2. Proximity to Landmarks:

The Queensway's prime location offers easy access to significant landmarks. Bloor Street, recognized for its upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment, is just a stone's throw away. Islington Avenue provides a direct route to neighbouring communities, and The Gardiner Expressway connects residents effortlessly to the downtown core. The Humber River, renowned for its scenic natural beauty and recreational activities, is also within close reach.

3. Condominium Development and Impact on Local Businesses:

The Queensway has witnessed a surge in the development of condominiums, such as The Hive and Queensway Cineplex Theatres. These modern residential complexes have attracted young professionals, families, and retirees wishing to enjoy the benefits of urban living in a suburban setting. As a result, local businesses and restaurants have flourished, catering to the needs and preferences of the growing population.

4. Convenience and Amenities:

Living in The Queensway offers unbeatable convenience. Residents enjoy the presence of well-known chain restaurants and local favorites, including the popular Pie Commission. Other amenities such as shopping centers, recreational facilities, and educational institutions make this area an ideal place to settle.

5. Suburban Appeal vs. Urban Landscape:

Contrasting the bustling downtown area, The Queensway prides itself on its suburban charm. Its tree-lined streets, family-friendly neighborhoods, and peaceful ambiance provide a welcome escape from the hectic city life. Residents can enjoy the tranquility without sacrificing access to urban conveniences.

6. Historical Context:

To better understand The Queensway's transformation, historical context is crucial. The redevelopment of the Humber River area, the construction of the Gardiner Expressway, and the relocation of the Sunnyside Amusement Park's Ferris Wheel to Disneyland in the 1950s have shaped this neighbourhood's identity. These historical events lend character and uniqueness to The Queensway, making it an engrossing place to explore.

7. Recent Additions to the Area:

The continuous growth of The Queensway is evident in the recent additions to the neighbourhood. The establishment of Costco, Great Lakes Brewery, and the Etobicoke School of the Arts has further enhanced the area's appeal, providing residents with an array of shopping, dining, and educational options.


The Queensway stands as a testament to Toronto's evolution and growth. With its redistricting efforts, condominium developments, thriving businesses, and rich historical background, it has become a highly desirable location for both residents and investors. Explore available homes for sale in The Queensway through and gain further insights by visiting the local Remax office. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting and thriving neighbourhood.

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