It is undeniable that houses and condos in Etobicoke are luxurious and elegant, simply looking at their exteriors and large lots will make you think that its prices soar above other boroughs. The prices may take you aback but, if you’re a buyer who’s willing to negotiate with the seller, you’ll see how flexible the prices of your dream house can be with the right negotiator at your side.

As a buyer of real estate for sale in Etobicoke, you will want a representative who is professional and can negotiate with the seller and their agent regarding the house that you wish to buy. We have you covered and will help you find the best house for you, the one that fits all your criteria. We specialize in detached, semi-detached, townhomes and condos in Etobicoke.

Garden Patio (1 of 1) and The Gordons will help you find a home that suits your needs while also comparing it to other recent house sales in the area. This is to ensure you pay the current market value. Having this knowledge gives you the background to negotiate a fair price. Knowing what else the market has to offer may bring a surprise your way, perhaps your first choice wasn’t meant to be.

You should also scrutinize the condition of the house. Is it still in good condition and if not how much will it take you to get it where you want it to be? A pre-inspection or a condition of a home inspection and your agent will be able to provide you with a ballpark amount of what repairs/renovations may cost. Don’t abruptly assume that thousands of dollars will immediately fly out of your bank account. You will want to know this information before you go forward especially on fixer upper homes in Etobicoke.


The price of the house can also depend on the location. You must also consider the location of the house you have chosen and just don’t fall in love with its appearance. It is practical to consider how far or near it is to the mall, grocery stores, or how long your commute may. Our website features all the neighbourhoods in Etobicoke with HOOD-Q data on the schools, nearest Fire, Police and shopping.

Our agents can advise you how long a property has been on the market. This is a major factor in negotiating the price of a home. Considering comparable properties, location, condition, length of time on the market etc can all help in the negotiation process.

We are experienced and have the knowledge to help you realize your real estate dreams.

Visit and get started on your search for the perfect home.

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