May 11 -14 2016 marks our High Schools 50th Reunion and I'm sure there are a lot of questions circling around what to do , how do they work, what to wear, how to plan and what is your favourite Re-Union Moment. Your old friends vs your Facebook Friends and hopefully how the twain shall meet.   5 Decades of people living in your proximity coming together all in one place "The PUB NIGHT". People you may know , you may not know, you want to know, or people you may have given the fickle finger of fate or yesterday's version of road rage. YIKES!!!. 

 I remembered our 25th/35th reunion a few years ago: the anticipation, the surprises and disappointments, the awkward conversations and instant reconnections, old jokes and new laughs, getting drunk, singing and dancing and getting generally overwhelmed by the whole experience. And loving every minute of it. You see my wife and each others family met at High School, live in the neighbourhood and have many family and friends that have moved away. 


The Athletes will meet at Athletics night where Hockey Players, Basketball and Volleyball teams from the Past and hopefully present will unite in epic battles of supremacy. The Artists will meet at Arts Night at MCI where Music Drama and an Art Gallery all emceed by Mark Ellis (of writer-producer fame for Flashpoint the Highly acclaimed and successful Canadian TV Show and currently working on X-Company) and Steven Woomert of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra ( He replaced his father)

The Friday night will be where all groups will most likely get together at the International Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre on Dixon Rd ( the old Skyline Hotel).  A DJ will get the event rocking and rolling or hip hopping, discoing, rapping... It starts at 7 pm and goes till 1 am if you can make it. 

 Your teachers will be getting up early the next day for their Staff Breakfast event hosted by Kathy Gordon/ Gwen Keene. Be kind to them it starts at 9:30 am and for the Seniors Staff this will make for an early evening at the PUB or an attempt to relive their youth that may have its complications. 

Saturday May 12 is the Open House where at 11 am Opening Ceremonies begin. We believe the Decades Rooms ,the time capsules with memorabilia, artifacts from the 60's. 70's, 80's, 90's,2000, 2010 will be there for all to peruse. MCI opened in 1966 so possibly 6 decades will be represented. 

The final event will be hosted once again at the International Plaza Saturday night. The Gala , where cocktails , dinner and more civilized dancing should take place. 

So what scares you  about Reunions.

A Random Vote for your favourite Re-union Moment

  • 29% Meeting Old Friends
  • 0% Making New Ones
  • 9% Not recognizing folk
  • 3% Comparing Careers
  • 24% Finding out someone fancied you
  • 17% Noticing how some have gone ugly and others better looking
  • 5% Sharing Regrets
  • 13% Sharing Reminiscences


93 people have voted in this poll. Of the 93 where do you fall. What can't you wait to do and what can you wait to never do. 

Enjoy everyone , this will be the last time for many to meet all in one room at the same time! Not just the gym, cafeteria, Auditorium and some the Office.( those will have finished their twenty years stints by now and can't wait to get the party going like it was 1969).


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