Is it a Condo, a townhome or a Bungalow , Two Storey home in Etobicoke you wish for?

Your number one move is to get pre-approved for a loan; unless you're a cash buyer, then, by all means, step right up to the plate.


Having a bank or money lender (Mortgage Broker- we have two brokers who can give you a speedy reply) pre-approve a loan allows you to begin the search for your dream home with your eyes wide open. You wouldn’t walk into a store to buy a watch if you didn’t know you had the money to pay for it.


Finding out just how much money you have to work with will give you a realistic starting place in your search. Once you know the amount, your agent can set up a specific search for homes you can afford. From there you can specify how many bedrooms you want, washrooms, the Etobicoke neighbourhood etc.


Getting pre-approved gives you a healthy competitive edge in the market as sellers are more likely to favour offers with few to no conditions. Sellers don’t want to waste time waiting around for however many banking days to know if you can actually afford their property. ( if you are in competition this will obviously work in your favour)  The sooner a deal can be made firm the better for all parties. The “cleaner” your offer the better chances you have at your dream home becoming a reality.



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