Imagine you're going on a showing with a potential buyer for your home. You've spent all day cleaning, rearranging furniture, and adding delightful accents to create the perfect atmosphere. The scent of freshly baked cookies fills the air, and soft music plays in the background. It's a picture-perfect setting that screams "buy me!"

Staged Family RmActual Staging

This, my friend, is actual staging – like a theatrical performance where every detail is carefully orchestrated to seduce potential buyers. It's a bold, old-fashioned approach that demands time, effort, and a deep commitment to rearranging your entire life. It's like donning a perfectly tailored suit, the kind that hugs your body in all the right places and screams sophistication. Actual staging is the James Bond of wooing buyers – suave, elegant, and irresistible. A two storey home traditionally staged can cost anywhere from $2000-10,000 per month and more depending upon how many rooms and size of the home.   Rizo Lola Interiors does many custom homes in the Etobicoke Toronto area and here is her Instagram Also Ava at jmjhomecanada we have successfuly used and here is her Instagram link

Actual Staging

But alas, here comes virtual staging strutting down the runway, turning heads and causing quite a stir. Picture this – instead of going through the trouble of actually moving furniture, vacuuming every nook and cranny, and arranging decor like a seasoned interior designer, you simply snap some pictures of your empty or outdated home. In a sudden burst of wizardry, virtual staging swoops in, fills your rooms with eye-catching furniture, vibrant colors, and hipster decor, and makes your listing look like it popped out of a design magazine. Once again depending upon how many rooms the virtual staging company is recreating costs are substantially different than traditional and can range by photo for up to 10 rooms and how many angles at $40 approx per photo. Two virtual staging companies we have used are Padstyler and Boxbrownie.

Primary Virtual Virtually staged

Virtual staging is like using Photoshop to create the perfect Tinder profile picture. Your potential buyers scroll through the images, stunned by the magazine-worthy interiors, just like people are dazzled by pictures of celebrities on dating apps. But here's the twist – just like that person who shows up for a date looking nothing like their picture, virtual staging doesn't always provide a true representation of reality. It's like airbrushing your flaws away, only to be met with disappointment when you finally meet in person.

Living Virtually Virtually Staged 

Actual staging is all about creating an immersive experience – it's about making potential buyers feel like they've already found their dream home. Every cushion is plump, every vase is perfectly showcasing a fresh bouquet, and every room invites them to stay just a little longer, as if it's whispering "move in, you know you want to!" Virtual staging, on the other hand, is like a tantalizing glimpse behind a beautifully rendered curtain. It sets expectations high, but when the potential buyers walk through the door, they might be a bit underwhelmed by the discrepancy between the virtual and the actual.

In the end, these two staging approaches each have their own charm. Actual staging attends to every little detail, engaging all the senses to create an immersive experience that holds nothing back. Virtual staging, on the other hand, is like a dream sequence that leaves room for imagination, creating an initial wow factor that may or may not translate to reality. However if it is your intention to just get showings in the door WOW photos can enhance your chances greatly. 

So, whether you choose the James Bond route of actual staging or prefer the Photoshop magic of virtual staging, remember – your home is like a first date. Make sure you put on your best show, but always be ready for the true test: when reality meets expectations, and the magic of your charming abode takes center stage.

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